If you require more than 5 hours, please contact us. 


Consultancy time is sold in the form of credits, a minimum of 1 credit is required to be spent every time:


1 credit = 15 minutes.


Our consultants can cover a variety of subjects:


Independent Testing & Consultancy


Technical advice and support on a wide range of subjects within the Lighting and medical industry.


  • Energy Efficiency and Performance including photometric performance , lumen maintenance, flicker, cyanosis observation index, photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) etc
  • Environmental requirements including reliability tests for temperature, humidity and transport vibration requirements
  • Photobiological hazards including LED blue light hazard assessment
  • Safety standards such as EN 60598/62560/61347/62031 and equivalent IEC and UL standards – see attached PDF for examples
  • Management of technical files and regulatory compliance aspects (see attached PDF) – this can be offered as a continuous support activity
  • Technical Research Report assisting new development routes across a range of markets and technologies
  • Patent advice, including support as "expert witness" in Patent disputes
  • Key Component selection such as LED, driver, connectivity solutions including IoT upgrade
  • Warranty and product lifetime advice
  • Supply chain and component traceability guidance
  • Regulation, which was never simple - will be made more complex as the UK heads towards Brexit and company’s sell more into global markets
  • Bespoke tailored training, we can design and deliver technical training covering many areas of LED Lighting technology, test and measurement


Product Design


Comprehensive product design services, we cover a range of applications including Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, we also cover specification intensive applications like Street Lighting, Horticulture, UV and Medical.


  • Custom LED Light Engines/Modules
  • On-board Drivers
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – including wireless networks, embedded software and connected sensors – see attached PDF for example of offering
  • Optics – reflector and lens based – including optical modelling and extension into lighting simulations
  • Heatsinks and Thermal Optimisation, including 3D modelling and CFD
  • Full turn-key Luminaire design


We have discounted rates when you purchase 4 or 5 hours at one time. 


Consultancy time expires 3 months after purchase date.

General Technical Consultancy

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